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Isaac Turns One!

Our youngest bear cub has finally turned one!

Here’s an update from his mama bear Jess with what they got up to this week!¬†

Isaac turned one on Thursday so we took him for a cake smash photo shoot. He absolutely loved it! Thankfully he was in a good mood, phew! He sat and posed when the lady asked him to, and had everyone laughing with his little poses and smiles.

When we brought the cake out I was so excited. He ALWAYS throws his food around at home so surely he will do it with the cake too. But nope… he just sat nicely and ate the cake. He wasn’t interested in smashing it up at all! Typical. He was so upset when the shoot was over and we had to take the cake away. He LOVES his grandma’s cake.


My stress levels have been so high this week! The start of the stress was when the original venue for his party called me to say they were going to charge me loads more than we had originally agreed! I hadn’t budgeted for it at all so I went into meltdown! Luckily I managed to find a local sports centre who had a cancellation on the day we needed. I booked him a soft play party with a bouncy castle. Bonus!

I’ve also been stressed about the amount of toys Isaac has. I mean seriously? How many toys does a one year old need?! Especially when Christmas wasn’t too long ago! I’ve just about managed to find a place for all his toys he got on Thursday. I have no idea where any more presents that he received¬†at his party will go. HELP!


I had to get up really early to make all of the food for Isaac’s party. I was really worried it wouldn’t get done in time and I had had a restless night too. To my amazement I managed to have it all cooked and organised before 10.30. Win!


After all my stressing the party went really well! I had forgotten a few things but it didn’t matter! Isaac had a brilliant time and his little friends all looked like they had fun on the bouncy castle and soft play. Everyone enjoyed the food too so I was pleased with that!


I finally got home and realised I had loads of toys to find a home for… but also a lot of cake to eat. So, naturally… cake came first!



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