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Confessions of an Insta- Shopaholic

Well, hello! Catherine here doing my first post which is pretty much just sharing my shopping addiction and some of Zach’s outfits! (He has waaaay too many!)

I absolutely LOVE buying clothes for Zach, it’s become my favourite past time. His wardrobe is bursting at the seams and mine has about 10 outfits in, two of which I wear every day and the other outfits are my ‘thinspiration’ (…let’s all laugh together). My other half (aka Train Boy) likes to laugh at me and tell me I should buy more things for myself because “Zach doesn’t need anymore clothes!” I know he doesn’t, I’ve told myself to have a break from buying him clothes and I just can’t, there are so many gorgeous things to choose from!

I love buying him things from H&M and Next as the boys clothes are lovely. I also occasionally buy outfits from eBay because you can’t go wrong for the prices! But then i discovered Instagram shops! I absolutely LOVE buying things from Instagram. I have never had a problem with anything and I love knowing that I’ve helped a Mum stay at home with their baby while making clothes, or I’ve helped put money into their children’s savings. WAHMs are amazing! They are all such fabulous quality too. The turn around time for a few shops can be up to 4 weeks but it is absolutely worth the wait, you can’t beat some happy post! I love Instagram shopping!
My Valentine 

I torment Zach with some of his outfits, but how cute is this top he wore for Valentine’s Day! The tee is from Ted’s Apparel  and his leggings are Funkeelegs. I can’t wait to show him these photos when he’s 18 and embarrass him in front of all his friends hahaha! The tee shirts from Ted’s Apparel absolutely brilliant and we have quite a few, Funkeelegs mostly make leggings as well as some lovely shorts; perfect for summer!



Who doesn’t love rompers? Look how cute they are! Zach is wearing Immy & Reubs here  and it’s probably one of my favourite outfits, I absolutely love this one. Claudia is the amazing lady behind Immy & Reubs and she can make pretty much anything. She does all sorts! I want to buy everything from her.

Mono Monday Anyone?


I absolutely love monochrome. Train Boy is always nagging at me “Why can’t he wear blue sometimes? His wardrobe is mainly black and white. Add some colour!”  Hmmm… okay, dear. Will do! (Not). Primrose & Bear have the most AMAZING colour combos you could ever dream of with their tee shirts. They are all custom made so you can create your own! This gorgeous tee is paired with some lovely mono turtle leggings from Leshy Lamb. Aren’t they the cutest?!

A few more OOTD


Zach is wearing Joshua James UK here and I love everything they do. The leggings are always brilliant from here and last ages even with Zach crawling all over in them. They have recently started doing tee shirts which are amazing! One thing I must mention though: it is so important to check washing instructions! I can’t stress it enough. The total idiot that I am, I went on autopilot and shoved this tee shirt in the tumble dryer, BIG MISTAKE. Goodbye tee. I was gutted. But it was a great excuse to buy more clothes!


He really is my little Wild Boy, this gorgeous tee is from Featherstone Bloom and they are MONO HEAVEN, I love it! Speedy delivery too and they never disappoint.


This tee sums us up perfectly! (Well, me) because my Train Boy can’t keep up with his wardrobe and never, ever notices new things! This is from MBD Clothing Company  and we have lots more from here. All of the tee shirts are fantastic! She also does sleep suits and onesies, they are all amazing.


Reach for the sky! Who doesn’t love a bit of Toy Story? This gorgeous tee is from Jellyfish Kids and we have such a huge haul from here! Everything is amazing, from tees, to hoodies to tie dye sleepsuits! I paired this up with his Immy & Reubs leggings and a snood from the lovely Bonnie Pop Makes we received in a mama and baby swap box.


I’ve probably absolutely fried your heads, but I bet you’re stalking these shops now! We’re even lucky enough to be part of the team with some of these shops! The link to our Instagram is at the top of the page feel free to give us a follow, I always tag the shops he’s wearing and I have loads of other different shops I love that I couldn’t quite fit on this essay, here are a few flat lays of some of his outfits. Thanks for reading and remember: shop small!

Have we missed any of your favourite Insta shops on this post? Share them in the comments below so we can check them out!

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