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Eurgh, Reusable Nappies?!

Hey, Lauren here! For my first blog post I thought I’d share a bit of information on what made me choose to use cloth nappies over disposable!

My decision to start using cloth nappies has certainly raised a few eyebrows. And to be honest I was one of the eyebrow raisers not too long ago.

I’m part of a birth board on Facebook and before our babies were born there was a discussion on if anyone was using cloth nappies. I dismissed it thinking it’s simply not for me. Not because it was “gross” or anything. I just simply couldn’t be arsed with the hassle of it all! I thought it would be terribly difficult and tedious so over all… nah. Not for me.

Shortly after I met Micheala, when Elijah was about 3 or 4 months old, she was struggling with Jonah’s poop explosions so decided to give them a try to see if it helped. (It did). At this point I was intrigued to see what the fuss was about. I asked for some advice on my birth board. Worrying that I couldn’t afford the initial output to build up a full time stash. Then a wonderful mama named Emma came to the rescue. She had a stash of nappies she no longer used and offered to post me them to give them a go. She was so incredibly kind and generous and sent loads of different types including Bambino Mio Solos and Bum genius.

The bundle I was sent from Emma was mostly pocket nappies. And I definitely got on well with them. So as the months went by I continued to buy more nappies to build up my stash. I mostly have Alva baby pocket nappies, Tots Bots Easy Fit and Mio Solos  (the latter was stocked up during Aldi special buys!). I’ve built up such a big stash I only need to wash them once a week!

We now love using cloth nappies and would recommend them to anyone!


Benefits of using cloth

I’m going to be totally honest and say the main reason I decided to try them wasn’t because of the money saving, or the fact that they’re eco friendly. It was 100% down to how cute Elijah’s tush looks in them! The other things were just a bonus!

Money saving

I think I’ve spent about £120 on everything all together. Including a huge nappy bucket from Amazon. The nappies we use are suitable from birth to potty training. And now I only spend about £5 a month. I still use disposables on a night because I’ve been too lazy to test out suitable night time nappies. So I buy one packet a month. I also use miofresh laundry cleanser which costs about £4 but lasts about 3 months for us. Then we use Tesco own brand nappy liners which are £1 for 100. Because we have such a healthy stash and only wash once a week I haven’t even seen a rise in my electric bill. Even when we were washing more often it still didn’t seem to make a huge difference.

If you’re cynical have a look at the Fill Your Pants website for more information on just HOW much money you could save by using cloth nappies.

Eco Friendly

As I said previously the eco friendly thing wasn’t huge decider for me. But I’ve since learned a lot about it!

Have a look at this infographic from Mio Solo to learn moreglobe

Environment Agency Lifecycle Assessment for Disposable and Reusable Nappies in UK, 2008

Easy to use!

It can seem so daunting starting with cloth nappies but seriously it is soooo easy! We use two boosters in each nappy. Either 2x microfiber, 1x microfiber & 1x charcoal or 1x microfiber & 1xbamboo. I really don’t have a preference so I just stuff the nappies depending on what I have to use. We take a wet bag out and about and shove used nappies in there and zip it up.

When we’re home they go straight in the bucket. It can be quite whiffy when you first open it but a decent bucket with a lid totally seals up any smells when it’s closed.

When it’s time to wash we like to rinse them first. Then put them on a 40 wash with a 1 scoop of non bio powder and 1 scoop of miofresh (no liquids or fabric conditioner!).

The nappies I use can be tumble dried on low if necessary. But this can weaken the PUL over time making them less effective and prone to leaks. So we tumble when the weather is bad. Otherwise we shot them on the line. The sun does wonders for stains. And surprisingly a rain shower can really freshen them up!

It’s as simple as that !!

Lauren’s top tips for using cloth

Find a cloth nappy library (yes they exist!)
A nappy library can loan you a trial pack and everything you need to give it a go. It’s a perfect way to find out what suits you. There are so many different types:

– All in ones

– All in twos

– Pocket

– Pre Folds

– Fitted

These are just a few! You then also have waterproof covers and fastenings, and a choice of snaps or hook & loop fastenings.  So much choice!

Buy a big bucket !
Ours has allowed us to wash less frequently as the smaller buckets filled up quickly.

Use a laundry cleanser
Mio fresh or Tots Bots potion can let you wash at lower temperatures while still killing bacteria.

Watch YouTube videos
I found YouTube videos to be super helpful for getting the fit right. Also some mamas have loads of helpful tips to share.

Have a look at the nappy lady!
I found this website invaluable for advice when I started using cloth nappies.

Are you also a cloth nappy addict? What are your reasons for going reusable? Have you considered them but have reservations?

If you have any questions or comments please get in touch below!

4 thoughts on “Eurgh, Reusable Nappies?!”

  1. I love this! Cloth diapers seem so hard but once you try it you will love them! There are so many benefits. And you can also choose to use reusable Wipes to stick with the reusing ideal and they are also a money saver. There are so many options for cloth diapers but once you find the ones you like your stash does seem to build up incredibly fast! I’m so glad you have had such a successful and pleasant experience with cloth diapers!
    Stopping by from


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