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Boys & Their Toys

I think it’s safe to say that when you become a parent you world is turned upside down; and so is your living room! I’ve never known a one year old with so many toys! From building blocks to puzzles. Xylophones to tea sets, Zach has that many that I’ve actually put some away because it’s a waste. He has a whole toy box full, a whole toy sack full in his bedroom and a Play and Go mat that is bursting at the seams! And out of all of this, guess what his favourite thing to play with is?… his willy.


Call it what you will- willy, penis, todger, if you’re the parent of a boy you will face the willy battles everyday until they’ve probably moved out. Everyday I find myself shouting “GET OFF YOUR WILLY- STOP PULLING IT- STOP TWISTING IT” Sometimes I think he’s part baby, part Bop-It. They’re obsessed! Every time he gets his bum changed he’s laid there giggling away slapping it and checking it’s still there, it’s his biggest fascination.

It’s all fun and games though until it comes to a shitty nappy. Yep. Trying to change that with two hands coming towards a shit covered willy isn’t such a good thing, you will end up trying to wipe, grab hands and grab legs all while praying it isn’t on the curtains, on your hands or even worse…..on their hands! It’s happened to me; a shit involved willy battle. He won. The curtains, myself and Zach were covered all while he’s giving it a good slap. Brilliant.

Have kids they said.

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