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The Walking Baby

As parents, it’s the day we all wait for. The day your baby stands up and walks to you! And it’s such an amazing moment.

Out of the cubs Isaac and Tom are the only walkers. For now, anyway. The others aren’t far off! Isaac started walking just after christmas 2016 which is around the same time Tom took his first steps.

When they start crawling and cruising around the furniture you get so excited at the prospect of your little tiny baby actually walking! You hold their hands and guide them along. Encouraging and praising every step. But when they eventually do start walking all you want them to do is sit down for a second! I’m sure Cara and any other mamas of walking 1 year olds would agree.

When Isaac crawled I thought he was hard to keep my eye on because he was into EVERYTHING! But now he is walking it’s so much more difficult! Everything, and I mean everything, is a climbing frame. A remote control on the floor or a random toy – yep it’s a climbing frame for him!

Since he has started to walk a simple stroll in his pushchair has became a nightmare! It’s 5 minutes in the pushchair, 5 minutes walking, a fight to get him into the pushchair and the cycle continues!

Tom off for a walk

One good thing about having him walking means I can buy him lots of lovely shoes. He has so many gorgeous shoes including ones from Clarks, nice trainers and Kickers. He loves putting his shoes on because he knows we’re leaving the house and going for a walk!

I’m not really sure what I expected. But it is safe to say that 1 year olds have no absolutely sense of direction! They will walk any direction except where you want them to head!

A few weeks ago I let him walk around a shop in town which led to a total ‘shop tantrum’ because he wanted to go down a different aisle to me! I wasn’t embarrassed because he is a baby and babies tend to cry but the amount of unpleasant glances we got is laughable! In a public place if a child is crying or having a tantrum why do people stare? Have you not seen a baby cry?

When I spoke to Cara about Isaac’s tantrum she explained Tom recently had a public meltdown, also. While Cara was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her gorgeous little niece Isabella, she took Tom to the hospital and waited. She was sat having a cuppa and Tom was happy, smiling and laughing. But it wasn’t long before his mood went south. He didn’t want to go into his pram so Cara had to let him walk around the shops in the hospital. It was then that our cheeky little Tom decided to try his hand at a little bit of shop lifting. He found a teddy bear he liked the look of and tried to walk out of the shop with it! The teddy was swiftly returned to the shop and the only thing that would settle Tom and prevent any more petty theft was a cuddle with his mama in the Tula Baby carrier.

I think it’s clear that when babies learn to walk they absolutely love it but get tired and grizzly easily. So my advice for any mama with a walking toddler is to either let them walk the whole journey or don’t get them out of the pram in the first place so that they don’t know any different!

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