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Cringey mam clothes (and why I love them)

One of my favourite things about being a mam, apart from having an amazing, adorable, squishy little ball of chub whose world revolves around you of course, is getting to wear cringey mam clothes!

Before I became a parent I would have just laughed at some of the outfits that I genuinely think are cool now. Like I totally get why people think these items of clothing are so embarrassing and why my sisters rip me to shreds for wearing them but I honestly just love it, the cringier the better as far as I’m concerned.

Not all cringey mam clothes are created equal and there is definitely a sliding scale for determining just how bad any given outfit is, and obviously the cringe factor instantly doubles when you combine two items from any of the categories mentioned below


Basic twinning is mostly considered acceptable, even kind of cute. Dressing your mini in a matching outfit and posting a pic with a relevant hashtag #twinningiswinning can be seen as quite cool. Okay not properly cool, but like mam cool.

I mean how cute are these pictures of Tom and his granddad twinning in their England rugby shirts!

This is one of my fave twinning photos of me and Tom, this Friday vibes t-shirt is from Primark, and I came across a lovely lady on Instagram that turned these, and other t-shirts into super cute rompers and I just couldn’t resist. For those of you who haven’t yet discovered @littlesquidges pop over and have a look at your own risk, you will need to buy everything she makes!

Twinning can be taken further with matching but different slogan t-shirts E.G. this Hero and Sidekick combo I bought mark for his first father’s day from @blueberrybookids this type of twinning is now delving into the world of cringe but is still quite cute right?


Mine and toms latest twinning slogan set involve this amazing “bad mother hugger” bad mother huggert-shirt form @thiskidclothingco and a “hug dealer” t-shirt I bought myself from eBay. The first time we wore above mentioned t-shirts together I had an eyebrow appointment midday. I was taking Tom with me but half way there Lauren told me that the lifts in the building were broken and the shop was on the first floor. I managed to get me nanna to watch Tom while I went in for my appointment but as I sat down to wait my turn I realised I now had my “hug dealer” t-shirt on without Tom’s twinning t-shirt for reference. So I looked like a total weirdo, could have been worse if I had totally forgotten and hadn’t explained? maybe? Urgh, so cringey!

Teething jewellery

necklaceSo when you’re a mam it’s really hard to wear jewellery anymore, your baby will either eat it or break it or both. And there’s only so many times you can take having your earrings ragged out before you snap. It’s just not worth it and you may as well give up. Unless you’re open to teething jewellery, usually necklaces or bracelets made from chunky silicone beads that are 100% safe for baby to chew on, I have a cute little collection now of on trend statement pieces I match with my cringey t-shirts! Tom loves to pull them off me and swing them about splattering slaver up the walls and making me fearful for my sight. We have a few teethers including jewellery from @shopglitterandspice and I recently discovered a little shop called @littleharrybub that make some gorgeous necklaces including the two below.


Mama slogan t-shirts and sweater

Now these I consider to be the holy grail of cringey mam clothes and I love them! I have a couple of well-loved slogan t-shirts including my colourful “mama” t-shirt from @rachaelkellett (twinning “baba” t-shirt completes the look) and my all-time favourite mama bear sweater from eBay (perfect with a little teething necklace) I also love my “breastfeeding, barefoot mama” top from @deckandoar I needed this so much I didn’t care that it cost a fortune to have it shipped over from America!

I’m currently lusting over the selfish mother sweaters by @thefmlystore maybe someone might see this subtle hint and buy me one for mother’s day?

So I can’t put my finger on exactly why I love my mam clothes so much, maybe it’s because everyone else hates them and maybe it’s because it’s finally acceptable to wear these cringey slogan tees but I think it’s probably just because I’m so proud to be a mama! I remember Lauren saying once that maybe she had lost a bit of her own identity becoming a mother but that it was okay because being a mother was what defined her now. I think it defines me pretty well too, so much so I want to plaster it across my chest!

#sorrynotsorry #cringeymama

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