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ICandy Peach Review

So those of you who follow us on Instagram probably noticed we upgraded our old pram to a brand spanking new stroller!

Now don’t get me wrong I loved our old babystyle prestige, it was and still remains my dream pram, its beautiful, no questions about that, but there are certain elements of the babystyle that are just not practical. The size of it for one was a massive issue; it took up most of our hallway, and forget getting this bad boy on a bus! I don’t drive so I never thought about having to travel anywhere with it without pushing but if my sister wanted to go out for the day in her little three door Corsa, taking the pram was a no go (probably the reason I developed my love of babywearing).  Another massive issue was the wheels, being air filled provided brilliant shock absorbency and the massive wheels glided up curbs but I have to admit that I had a puncture every few months; that pram was probably in the shop getting fixed more than it was in our house.  And the fixed front wheels made manoeuvrability a nightmare; my thirteen year old sister never did get the hang of turning corners with it.

So I think we are all agreed it was definitely time for an upgrade! I wanted something smart and practical, lightweight and compact, basically the opposite of our last pram. Bearing in mind that my sister was expecting at the time too I was looking for a stroller that could be easily converted into a double if needed, that way we only had to pack one travel system for days out. After asking for recommendations and reading a few reviews I decided that the Icandy was probably going to be the best fit for us.

tom at park side onWe went for the Icandy peach (they have since launched a new updated Icandy orange which looks amazing too) and they have some gorgeous colourways to choose from, we picked the royal, I’m so obsessed with navy blue right now! The basic design of the peach is so simple and sleek but feels chunky and durable. I’ve already had so many comments on how stylish and smart it looks. The swivel wheels up front make this stroller a dream to push, it really does just glide along. I don’t want to drone on and on about how much I love this stroller because I’m aware I’m probably starting to sound like an instruction manual so I’ll just stick to the main points that I know most of you are bothered about.

Huge basket! In single mode the basket is beneath the Icandy is massive, it’s nice and deep too so you can pile up your shopping without worrying it’s going to tip out when you go up a curb! In double mode the basket space is a little smaller because of where the carrycot sits but there’s still enough space for rain covers and your essential shopping.

Adjustments of the pram seat, hood and handle is all a breeze! Even my little old nanna manages to transition the seats from reclined to upright when Tom wakes up from his nap (something she struggled with in out last pram) and adjusting the handle to the height of the user is so simple and sort of therapeutic, seriously when I’m stuck in queues I just glide that handle up and down and it’s so satisfying! Don’t do this too hard though or you’re in danger of folding down the whole thing!

Folding down is pretty simple too, and you will be amazed by just how small the Icandy folds, when it first arrived in its box I was sure there had been a mistake and the chassis hadn’t been delivered with the seat, just because the box was so small and light, but it was all present and correct!

2 sleepingFor me the most amazing thing was how easy it was to transform the Icandy from a single to a double. It comes with adaptors that attach onto the pram and that the carrycot and seat units easily click into. After reading the instructions and watching a video online I was totally in awe of how quick it is to convert! Seriously watch the video yourself here (this is not time lapsed or edited to look easier it really does only take a few minutes to change from single to tandem and back again!) mind blown!


ton and isaacPerformance as a tandem – although the extra weight does change the feel of the stroller I still think it copes brilliantly and still feels effortless to push. I’ve had chance now to use with both the carrycot and the converter seat unit and found it coped really well even with the weight of two chunky toddlers. Only issue I found was that when in double mode it was a bit of a faff on trying to reach the break under the carrycot.


tomlaughingTom also seems to approve of his new wheels! His favourite part is definitely the bar, he loves holding on wherever we go like he’s on a fairground ride! Tom has always preferred to be parent facing, and so do I, we like to interact when were out and about and I don’t like talking to the back of his head. Plus I like to keep an eye on his shoes, he’s a shoe kicker-off-erer and we’ve lost far too many good shoes that way! However in the double mode with the carrycot the seat unit needs to be world facing, but to me it’s more important to be able to see the infant so I get why it’s designed this way.

If I had to sum up the Icandy in one word though it would be luxurious! I just love walking down the street with it, it’s the sort of stroller that just makes you feel like you have your life together (even when you totally don’t!) it is pricey but I would definitely recommend it, especially to someone in my position when you need something that functions well as both a single and double.

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