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Fun with the National Theatre

Over at Five cubs we recently got the chance to review some lovely goodies from the national theatre bookshop, lucky us!
We were sent a range of toys and nursery items to road test and give our verdict on from the wee gallery range, this bold monochrome collection is focused on aiding baby’s development using beautiful illustrations of animals.
So here’s what each of us think;

This “grow wild” canvas safari growth chart looks amazing in Tom`s room, It fits in perfectly with our monochrome theme and really adds a wow factor. I’ve been on the lookout for a quirky growth chart ever since we redecorated Tom`s room, now he’s old enough to stand I’d like to start documenting his height to look back on and compare.
I didn’t just want pen marks on a door frame, imagine if we ever moved house or had to repaint and we lost that record. With this wall chart if I ever need to move it I can just take it down and re-hang it anywhere I like.
As well as looking good, it’s also ethically produced. Made in India from organic cotton, each canvas chart is screen printed before being finished with a hanging cord and fringing to the bottom. It even comes in its own little bag with a space for little one’s name so you can store it away in a memory box, and at £30 rrp it would make a lovely little gift.
Tom loves the fact that there’s a lion on it, he hasn’t quite figured out what the elephant or giraffe are but he recognises the lion and he roars at it whenever he spots it!

Catherine blocks
Zach tested out the Play House Art Blocks, they’re so cute, and much bigger than I was expecting! It’s a pack of 4 blocks and each side of the blocks contributes to a different picture that you can make with them, so you get 6 different images by fitting together the 4 blocks, not that Zach’s managed to fit together any of the pictures properly yet, but I’m sure he will work it out as he grows, this really is a toy that grows with your child.

blocks1For now, he was just interested in the patterns on them and he really loved building them up into a tower and then knocking it down! Him and Tom played with them together and they had a deal – Tom would stack, Zach would knock it over!
They’re available to buy for £20 rrp and would make an excellent birthday gift, these blocks are an essential for your little ones’ nursery as they are developmentally appropriate until 4 years old but also surprisingly lightweight for such big blocks, (and who can resist a cute penguin design?!) I would definitely recommend these blocks to all my Mummy friends, we love them.

Elijah and Isaac were given the Alligator Throw Pillow for their nurseries. The pillows can add an extra touch of fun to a room and everyone is loving a monochrome theme for boys bedrooms and nurseries! Because they are nice and soft they can also be cute and unique teddies for the boys. Elijah thought his was brilliant and he loved picking it up like a sword and smacking me around the face with it!
They have a few more designs including a lion, penguin and fox. I think I’m going to get the fox to add for when we move Elijah into his toddler bed!

when Isaac received his crocodile pillow, his little face lit up! he absolutely adores it, he’s forever playing with it and he even takes it up to bed to cuddle into!
Sadly like Elijah he’s also partial to using it as a sword a lot of the time! And I’ve had a few good whacks from it, what is it with boys and swords? because it’s so long and thin it’s easy for little hands to grip onto!
It’s far too cute to be put away in a cupboard so when Isaac`s not swinging it around we’ve had it on display on top of his toy box and it looks great in his playroom, I love the bold monochrome style!
When we have finished redecorating his nursery we are hoping to buy a few of the other designs to match and I NEED the wall chart too!

So I think it’s safe to say all the boys loved their goodies and us mamma`s were impressed too, we`re all planning on growing our wee gallery collection! They have plenty more gorgeous items available online at head over and take a look!

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