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Rei Reflected

When this baby landed on my doorstep I must admit I was a little bit in awe of its beauty, Oscha make some absolutely stunning wraps and this was one of my favourites, the colours and pattern on this wrap are almost magical!

in hand
Oscha are a small, family run business creating artistic, fashion led woven wraps from ethically sourced materials in their workshop in Scotland. They pride themselves on their ability to create designs that can be appreciated as works of art in their own right, as well as for their functionality.
Oscha also provide brilliant customer service and were on hand to offer advice to help me pick the perfect wrap, their website provides a size guide to help you pick which size wrap would suit your need, based on the types of carry you would like to be able to achieve with your wrap. I went for a basic size 6 wrap, the most popular choice, this would give me enough material to do most basic front and back carries and a couple of fancy finishes if I wanted.

on the floor
I chose the rei reflected because I adored the beautiful wave pattern, I love the ocean and the graduated colours on this wrap, soft pinks and peaches to mint greens and deep blues reminded me of a sunrise over the ocean, it really is stunning, when I saw it hanging out to dry on my washing line with the wind blowing through it I could almost smell the sea air! I just had to take a picture to share.on lineBecause this wrap is a mix of cotton and bamboo fibres it’s pretty stiff straight out of the box, this mix of cotton and bamboo make it the perfect wrap for supporting chunky toddlers but also means it takes a bit of breaking in to get it to the perfect soft, cushy state you want it for easy wrapping. This meant lots of opportunity for me to get gorgeous pictures softening it up! We washed it, ironed it, knotted it, braided it, used it as a blanket, even sat on it! And obviously wrapped with it any chance we got just to create that friction than softens a new wrap up nicely.

tom asleep
My favourite carry at the moment is a double hammock tied with a candy cane chest belt, I find it more supportive now Thomas is getting bigger and the chest belt means the wrap doesn’t pull so much on my shoulders compared to a basic ruck. Once it had softened up a little the rei reflected was a dream to wrap with, and although I sometimes struggle with my other wraps to get the second layer up over babies back, the rei reflected just glided up there and once everything was tightened up and tied the carry felt rock solid! Even after walking for half an hour there was no slipping or sagging anywhere and I would be happy to go for longer walks feeling confident this wrap wouldn’t budge.

Because of its bamboo blend I do find this wrap is strong and supportive enough for single layer carries, which makes my life a little easier when I need a quick wrap job out and about, I have found with some wraps a quick ruck can leave my shoulders sore but the cushiness of the rei reflected makes it much more comfortable.

ruck back
At the moment, this wrap is my go-to! The amazing colours make it perfect for summer, and I love how the pink in the pattern complements my hair, I still love this wrap as much as I did the day I opened it and I can’t wait to have many more adventures with it!

blossom tree edit
As well as woven wraps Oscha also create a range of Ring Slings, blankets, scarves and doll carriers on their website. They stock some pretty awesome baby wearing art prints too! Their Tolkien inspired Middle Earth collection is pretty incredible too and I can’t wait to add to my Oscha collection!

While it was being broken in the rei reflected went on a little holiday, although it was hard to see it go, and fellow cub mama Lauren helped put it through its paces, here what she thought.

Laurens verdict

Cara was kind enough to let me give this gorgeous wrap a try. I absolutely love the colours and the design is beautiful.


It was super stiff when I first tried it. It was pretty new and not broken in. The only new wraps I’ve ever owned have been 100% cotton. They are pretty soft and smooshy straight out of the box. I have had other blends but they have been preloved and already soft and well worn. So when I got my hands on this beauty I honestly thought it was going to be a nightmare.

The first time I wrapped with it I found it a bit tricky. The wrap qualities weren’t what I was used to. I have linen and cotton wraps that are lovely and broken in. They are soft but very grippy. So this was unusual for me. It was quite stiff still but also felt silky smooth with it’s fine weave.


However, in no time at all this piece of loveliness began to break in like a dream. I used it daily when I was off work. And then also practised new carries and finishes at home.

I’d probably rate my wrapping skill level at “intermediate”. And with my grippy wraps I have such a difficult time with multi layer carries. But with this wrap I finally mastered the double hammock! A basic carry for most, but something I’ve always found tricky. My go to carry for ease with this wrap was a reinforced ruck tied Tibetan knotless. It’s such a comfortable and supportive carry and the swooshy tails look so pretty with the colours of this wrap. I also tried a ring finish and it looked gorgeous!


I actually think I’m going to buy this wrap or something similar. But I keep getting distracted on the Oscha website by all of the beautiful slings!

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