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SEVEN Cubs & Us


So we have exciting news! The squad is expanding. Not by just one baby, but by two! Wahoo! Micheala and Jess are both due their second babies in January 2018! Just a few weeks apart!

As you can imagine we are all super excited. Lauren, Cara and Catherine are so broody but excited to have snuggles with the new arrivals!

We thought we would share how we are getting on in early pregnancy with two boisterous and lively toddlers!


Isaac is now 16 months old and I’m 12 weeks pregnant, I’m actually quite lucky because I’ve had such an easy pregnancy so far. 🤞🏻 Morning sickness came and went in a few days, I feel amazing but I am starting to struggle chasing after a toddler all day. I am so tired all of the time!

I definitely believe in the theory that babies can sense pregnancy. Ever since I found out Isaac has become the biggest mama’s boy ever which is a bonus because he was never a cuddly baby! He’s started to tap my belly and says ‘baba’. Clearly he is a genius 😂

I’m so hormonal and every time Isaac learns something new I find myself tearing up. Something cute on the tv – cry. Having a bad day – cry. See a cute puppy – cry! Basically everyone who has been/is pregnant knows the feeling! I’m really excited to go from one baby to two and hopefully everything will fall into place with minimal stress!

At the moment I’m looking into breastfeeding as I bottle fed Isaac. I’ve been reading some articles and blogs (like Lauren’s) and I’ve decided this is what I hope to do with bubba! I’ve also been really interested in hypnobirthing as I had a horrendous labour with Isaac so I’m hoping to make my experience different this time! I’ve got so long to think of all the things we need to have in place for the arrival but I’m such a stress head I need to be prepared!

So far things have been going very smoothly so I guess I’m lucky. Poor Micheala, on the other hand, has been suffering badly with hypremisis garvadium.


You know what sucks? Not just a little bit, but I mean sucks huge bloody elephant balls? Being pregnant with a almost 18 month old.

“Have them close together it will be will be lovely!”

“Get it all out they way early! Happy days!”

Bull shit!

When you are playing tug of war with a screaming toddler over a cooking bowl full of regurgitated tofu curry? Yeah, happy days. Or when you suddenly realise that that you are not even going to look anymore pregnant than you already do until after the baby is born because you STILL haven’t lost the baby weight from the first one!

Breastfeeding a toddler is great. But not so great when you feel like you are either going to rip your skin off or maybe find a rational way to chop your boobs off and give him them on a plate like he really desires. Because it hurts.

Really hurts.

I can’t get a break from being sick and my burning nipples are being chomped on by Dracula. But really… this is just a small phase in my life. And if you think about it, it’s truly amazing. I have a whole new life inside of me who is going to bring me as much joy and happiness that Jonah does… and I cannot wait!

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