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Mallorca and Meltdowns

Hello! Catherine here with my new post all about our adventures in Mallorca! We’ve recently got back from Playa De Muro…

Our flight there wasn’t too bad, slightly massive meltdown before the plane actually set off but once we were moving it was fine! It was a 6.40pm flight so I stupidly thought Zach would sleep HAHAHA nope. He had a 20 minute power snooze and spent the rest smiling at everybody and eating Quavers perched on my lap, he hated the seat belts and tried to break his way out twice and failed both times, if you’re ever flying with a toddler – take snacks! Lots and lots of snacks! Toddler having a meltdown? Snack. Toddler doesn’t want sleep? Here, have a snack. Toddler is sick of pulling all the magazines out the rack? HAVE A SNACK.


It was a much needed holiday and I’ve loved spending every second with Zach and watching him learn new things, he’s learnt ‘YEAH’ and everything you ask him is now met with that answer, he’s learnt to feed himself albeit a bit messy and at one point he was covered in tomato sauce which he has found an absolute PASSION for, if it doesn’t have tomato sauce on he doesn’t want to know! He was also definitley the best dressed kid in Spain! I’ve loved having him in his little shorts and rompers.


We’ve spent most days round the pool and Zach has loved it, we went all inclusive so didn’t have to worry about him wasting loads of food and we knew he could have drinks whenever. We were there Sunday to Sunday and by Monday the excitement was clearly too much because he decided he couldn’t possibly eat any tea and tried to do a magic trick, he pulled the whole table cover and managed to smash a glass and then sat in absolute amazement. Brilliant.

Another thing I’m going to tell you- swim nappies. They keep water out but do not keep water in! We discovered this when we went to the hotel supermarket after we’d been swimming, Zach decided to wee on the floor and of course we were mortified! We done what any responsible parent would have done though and ran away. 


Our hotel was in Playa De Muro and was a short 15 minute walk down to the beach so we had a wander over there on the Tuesday and it was then that we realised Zach was absolutely repulsed by sand, wouldn’t stand unless gently forced, didn’t really want to touch it and then tried to crawl off back onto the path!


We got a taxi down to Alcudia beach because that was a good 40 minute walk and it was boiling! Again, Zach wasn’t impressed with that beach either and then chose to have a nap when we walked down the beach path, he did enjoy his dinner of… chips and tomato sauce, of course. We did offer him pizza but he’d much rather throw it on the floor or launch it at our heads! He spent the majority of most mealtimes feeding the floor before he fed himself and I must say, his right hand throw is now amazing because he managed to throw a chewed up chip directly into my mouth as I was eating a crepe, thank you son, what a taste sensation.


When you go on holiday with your other half and toddler be prepared to take things on shifts! We had a swimming shift, sunbathing shift and even a shower shift! Basically you spend that long running about after them and stopping them from eating stones/ leaves/ rubbish off the floor that you don’t have time to do anything for yourself, so here’s what you do- you tell your other half that you’re going to the toilet AND THEN YOU RUN far away to the next hotel with a pool or straight down to the beach if you want for 5 minutes peace! Of course I’m joking… or am I?!


We also made friends with another couple who had 2 boys, it was nice to know you’re not alone with an overtired emotional mess of a child and that there are others like you! Train Boy had a holiday bromance with Aaron doing headers in the pool while me and Jess bonded over shops and motherhood with our delightful sleeping angels at this point! All 3 boys just liked having someone else to wind up and we enjoyed the all inclusive booze!

Overall our holiday has been amazing and Zach hasn’t actually been so bad, one thing I have learnt though, is that if your child is going to be a bit of a dick and have a meltdown in public they’re going to do it regardless of where they are, who’s watching and what country they’re in!



Thanks for reading! Do you have any tips for travelling with a toddler? How to handle public meltdowns? Let us know in the comments! 



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