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Tom`s Little Man Cave

Tom’s bedroom is by far my favourite room in the house, maybe because it’s the only room that’s ever tidy and not packed full of clutter. Plus, it’s the only 100% baby-proof room where I can let Tom go wild and be absolutely sure he’s not going to lose an eye!  I actually get to drink 90% of my cuppas while they’re still hot in this room, and as those of you with young children will know this is quite the achievement.  Though I’m not entirely sure it can be classed as his “bedroom” seeing as his bed isn’t in that room, and he sleeps in our room with us.

When we found out we were team boy I started planning my nursery, I had hundreds of themes and ideas pinned in my nursery board on Pinterest, most of which I probably would have needed a bank loan to achieve.  It took us days to strip the bright pink wallpaper the previous owners left behind so we could paint the feature wall baby blue, I picked the furniture from IKEA, including our favourite chair, the IKEA STRANDMON in light grey, I had lusted over it online for months, but mark argued that it was too much money to spend on a chair just for occasional use, in the end I put in 2 overtime shifts at work to buy that chair. No regrets!


The cot was from IKEA too and at £90 the SUNDVIK was loads cheaper than all the big sleigh cots I had saved on Pinterest, I must have known that Tom would never sleep alone in it and that anything more elaborate would have been a waste of money.  Once the walls were painted and the furniture was up I added some cute finishing touches.  I`d decided on a Dumbo theme for the nursery, it’s one of my favourite Disney films and I cry my eyes out every time at the part where Dumbo’s mama is watching all the other animal mamas get their baby and wondering when her little bundle will arrive.  I’d already bought him the Dumbo soft toy and I ordered a wall sticker form eBay with my favourite quote from the film on.


I spent hours sat in that nursery chatting to my bump and imagining putting him to bed in that cot (looking back I cringe at my naivety!)  I spent most of my pre baby maternity leave just basking in that gorgeous baby blue room, it was so divine!  After he was born I spent even more time sitting in that chair, on a breastfeeding pillow to save my stitches, stinking of sour milk and begging the lord almighty to make my baby stop crying and sleep for more than 2 hours at a time.

But like I said, my daydreams of putting tom to bed in his perfect nursery were just not meant to be, that room became a dumping ground for all our baby related junk and the dust began to gather, my divine nursery  was never really enjoyed.  Fast forward a year and with Toms 1st birthday approaching I decided that room needed an update, he was becoming more interested in playing with toys and now he was mobile I needed a safe place to let him play. I wanted to redecorate, although I still loved our Dumbo themed nursery I wanted something a little more grown up, I decided to go with a plain white colour scheme with the thought that I could use soft furnishings and wall art to update the feel of the room whenever I liked.



At the moment both me and Tom are both loving bright colours so I thought a rainbow theme would be perfect for while he’s still small. We love wooden toys, I think they encourage creative play much better and last 10 times longer than plastic noisy tat (we have our fair share of this too though, babies love tat!) my latest obsession is Grimms wooden toys, I love the bright colours and simple shapes of our grimms rainbows, Tom loves to stack and unstack them (and throw them around the room) but I’m ever so slightly anal about having them back in the right order once playtime is over!  I also adore our rainbow rug from the little bird range by Jools at Mothercare, this range is full of bright rainbow pieces.



One of my favourite parts of Tom’s room is his tepee from @Teepeesbyluluandweasel, nothing sparks a child’s imagination like a den and I wanted tom to have the most special den to play in! It was hard choosing from all the amazing handmade designs on offer but my thinking was that this simple monochrome pattern would go with almost any theme. I also love that it’s so easy to fold away in a corner when you need extra space, I can’t wait for the summer to arrive so we can get it out in the garden to provide tom with some shade during the day! I added this super cute sign from @foxandweave and the rainbow pompom garland form @stoneandco ties it in with the rainbow theme.


I’m also in love with his personalized toy box from @dreamboxtoyboxes,  I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s so beautifully made and there’s so much attention to detail, like the soft close lid so that little fingers don’t get trapped. The lady who makes them was in contact with me the whole time giving me updates and making sure I was happy with everything. I was involved in the whole process, from picking the fabric to choosing a personal engraving for under the lid. I love knowing that no one else has quite the same one! We have a gorgeous chunky cloud shelf from the same shop but I’m still waiting for mark to get round to putting it up for me.


As some of you will already know Tom loves balls and ball pools (his first word was catch!) so the recent addition of this monochrome foam ball pool from @misioo.handmade to Tom’s room is one of his faves.  Because its foam it’s so soft and there’s no hard corners for him to bang his little head on. He loves to sit inside the soft foam walls and throw each ball out one by one, then it’s my job to put them back in. never gets old that one!

ball pool

But the best part of toms room has to be his reading corner, the IKEA chair was reappropriated for this purpose and these picture ledges make the perfect bookshelves, I love watching tom and his daddy snuggle up and read in this special little corner, he’s so fascinated by books and I can’t wait till he’s old enough to start picking his favourite stories.  but for now we keep them out of his reach so he can’t get his rip on.


We had this personalised paper storage bag made by @hellohenry, seriously this woman is a genius and I really can’t sing her praises enough, anything you want she can paint it onto a storage bag and I think this one captures my crazy little thing perfectly, when she told me she would be starting to make personalized peg dolls to match the sacks I couldn’t wait to see what she would come up with, and she didn’t disappoint.

I already have lots more planned to add to Toms room and its far from finished, we still need to find the perfect curtains and I’m hoping one day toms dad will get around to putting up the cloud shelf, although this may be asking too much, I waited 3 months for the book shelves.  And I’m always on the lookout for some cute wall art and rainbow related décor, so look out for our updates and spam me with ideas!

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