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 Over the last few months we have been lucky enough to try out the new transitions range from OXO TOT along with a few other oxo tot goodies that have become must haves in our house.

If you haven’t come across this brand yet you need to head over and check them out, their kids range is so brilliantly designed not only to look great but to work great for both little ones and you! These are the guys that created the award-winning sprout highchair, but they also sell a lot of smaller baby and toddler weaning products that you may not have realised were available.

transitions range

The transitions cup is the perfect way to help transition your little ones from bottle, to Sippy cup to open cup. You can buy them individually or as a set which comes with two different attachments; a Sippy cup lid to help younger children get used to drinking from a cup and designed to be spill proof when tipped or dropped and a training lid designed to mimic open cup drinking without as much spillage for older kids, then when they are ready the inner disk can be removed from this lid leaving the cup open.
What I loved most about the new transitions range is how chunky and solid the cups feel, perfect for little hands to hold. The bright attractive colours mean Tom much prefers these cups to some of his old plain Sippy cups.

We have tried both attachments from the transitions set and although there was some confusion (and spillage) when I changed it to the training lid tom soon got the hang of it and can now drink confidently form it, although if we are out and about I still prefer to use the Sippy cup attachment to save mess!
I think it’s a great and well-designed way to transition little ones from bottle to open cup without too much confusion, using the same cup with different attachments means that the child recognises their cup and is familiar even when the lid changes and they need to learn to adapt and develop their skills. I also think the set is great value for what it provides and because it eventually becomes an open cup this system can be used from 4 months well into toddlerhood and beyond, it feels well-made and sturdy so I’ve no doubt it will last us a while. You can pick up the transitions set from the oxo tot website for £10.50

We also chose to test out the transitions straw cup and I’ll admit that this was Thomas`s favourite, he loves that it matches my oxo water bottle and that he can drink from a straw like mama! These are also available on the website for £7.50

straw cup

Along with the new transitions range we also road tested some items from their gorgeous new grey collection including the roll up bib, on the go wipes dispenser, (and my personal favourite) the perch booster seat.

grey collection

Anyone who knows me knows I love the colour grey so I loved using these products! I found them great for when we were out and about. Although Tom loved using the Perch booster seat at the kitchen table and the design and straps mean he is completely safe, I felt uneasy moving too far away from him in case he tried to get himself out. I usually like to do the washing up or cook our tea while I’m watching tommy eating his breakfast so I prefer to use a highchair, but I’ve used the booster seat out and about at restaurants where you’re not sure high chairs will be available and it’s so compact and easy to carry about in the pram bag.

Most people will agree that rubber bibs are the way forward when weaning, especially the type with the little pocket for catching food! The best part about this one is that it rolls up small to pop in your bag and you can fasten it closed once rolled to make sure no food spills back out.
The handy on the go wipes dispenser is great for when you don’t want to be weighed down by unnecessary stuff, let’s face it you probably pack more for a trip to the local park with your baby than you would have for yourself a night away! If like me you like to babywear then lugging about a huge pram bag full of “essentials” is hardly ideal, this little gadget hold the basics (nappy and a few wipes) and attaches easily to most anything, pram, baby carrier, rucksack for easy on the go changes.
We also use the OXO bottle brush, I love that it has its own little holder, to pop it next to the sink, there’s a tiny little brush integrated into the handle for getting into hard to reach areas too!

After just a quick browse around their website I already have a list the size of my arm of non-baby relates kitchen essentials that I reckon I need, better get a few overtime shifts in!


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