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First Time Flyer

At the beginning of the month we took our first family holiday abroad, And Thomas`s first plane ride, to Gran Canaria.FIRST TIME FLYER

We had an amazing time and visited some beautiful places while we were there. I only booked for a week because I was worried about how Tom would cope in the heat, he’s such a sweaty kid, but I wish we had booked for two because he loved it, and he adjusted to the heat better than we did!

I was stressing so much about the 4 and a half hour plane journey and how tom would cope being stuck on my knee, turns out I didn’t need to because Thomas slept most of the way there and back, so I probably looked a bit smug sat there with my snoring baby while other people’s kids screamed, but really I was just praying he would stay asleep a little longer and wondering if I would be able to get up when it was time to disembark because my bum had gone numb.

When we arrived at our hotel, I was so happy we had decided to fly out a week after my parents (who booked for two weeks), they had sorted it so we had the apartment right next door to them, on the ground floor so no scary balcony’s for tom to tumble off, with a cute enclosed garden right outside. My mam had already stocked our fridge with milk and bread, but best of all she had a jug of cold sangria made up for our arrival! Thank you mam!VIEW

Our hotel was right up in the top part of Puerto Rico, with a stunning view, it was a short but really steep walk down to the beach and main town but luckily we were right near a big shopping centre filled with restaurants and bars so we didn’t need to brave the trip into town every night for food. We spent a few days down in Puerto Rico shopping and at the beach though.AMADORES

Amadores beach was the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been too, the water was so clear! I could have floated around in the bay for hours, I thought Thomas would love the water at the beach and in the pool at the hotel, we even took his swan float from last year but he was a little nervous in the deep pool, he only enjoyed the small baby pool and even then he needed to warm up to it.POOL

One must have I’d advise any parent to take on holiday is a good baby carrier! Our Coast Carriers from Tula were life savers for me and Tianna while we were away, both our babies weren’t happy in their travel prams but all the steep walks and the heat meant Tom got tired out pretty quick and our normal baby carriers and wraps would have been far too hot, the mesh panel on our coast carriers kept the little ones cool whole we were out and about.

But they were most useful in the busy airports, we both checked our prams as hold baggage and carried the babies around the busy airport in the coast carriers. We had to take them out to go through custom control, you know in case we were trying to smuggle drugs in there. But it made it much less stressful knowing my exited toddler was strapped to my back and not running round duty free smashing expensive perfume bottles.TULA

Thomas had an amazing time, and I would definitely take him to Gran Canaria again, it was so much fun watching him explore a new place! I’ve made a list below of Tom`s top five favourite things about holiday;

Local plant life

My little tree hugger was obsessed with the palm trees over in Gran Canaria, every morning he had to go out and say hello to the coconuts! He was a bit more weary of the cacti growing nearby after I told him that they were prickly.

Local wildlife

Tom spent a whole afternoon at the beach chasing pigeons, just like he does at home but some of the native wild life left him a little bit confused.

One afternoon Mark heard Thomas in the apartment shouting “frog frog!” when he went in to have a look turns out Thomas was chasing a massive cockroach about, yeah Tom that’s not a frog babe.

One night we had a little lizard visit us on our patio, Tom decided it was monkey.

Local food (or maybe not)

Thomas is such a fussy eater and mainly survived on ice lollies and chicken nuggets and chips form the hotel restaurant while we were away. That why I was so proud on night when he shoved a whole piece of battered calamari in his gob and started chewing it. I was already planning smugly telling everyone that he was such a connoisseur when he proceeded to spit out the perfect ring of calamari stripped of all batter. Yeah, if it’s not beige or fired he probably won’t try it.

Making friends

Thomas always makes friends everywhere he goes, he just loves playing with other kids. He made friends with a really cute little girl in the apartments opposite us, he loved chasing her around and whacking each other with the pool noodles like gladiators!


Hands down Tom’s favourite part of the holiday was riding on the carousel, he spotted it from ages away and pointed shouting “horsies!” so we took him over and it was obvious he was desperate to touch them, Annaliese stood next to him and held him the whole way round and his face just killed me. He was so amazed, I was tearing up watching him.


Next week we go to Centre Parcs for our second family holiday, don’t ask me who’s bright idea it was to have two holidays in one month because we are so skint! But it’s going to be a totally different type of holiday and I’m hoping Thomas will love it just as much, keep an eye our next blog post all about our forest adventures!

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