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Innapropriate Kids Clothes & Why I Love Them..

As we all know I absolutely love buying new clothes for Zach and may have a ‘slight’ (massive) shopping problem, I’ve found myself buying clothes for him that seem to push a few boundaries because they’re quite risky and to be honest, absolutely hilarious.

When I say innapropriate clothes I mean the slogans on tees he wears, I’ve found I’ve had 98% brilliant feedback when he wears them and the other 2% have probably keeled over because they couldn’t believe his tee had ‘fox sake’ on, I think they’re brilliant. It’s like having a little inside joke with other parents who absolutely LOVE the tees he wears and I’ve found myself saying I need them ALL in adult size too! They won’t be everybodies cup of tea but I honestly don’t care, he can’t read yet and he looks adorable wearing them, I give zero trucks.


We have a couple of tees from Olivia Grae Kids on instagram, they’re amazing and everyone loves them! Fox Sake was the first tee I bought that was a bit tongue in cheek and it’s made me buy more, obviously. I also couldn’t resist the leggings too that go so well with the tee.


Another one we have that I love is his ‘Not One Truck Given’ from Featherstone bloom, it goes with everything and it doesn’t really count because it’s only a picture 😉 but it is totally adorable and I love it.


My absolute favourite, because there’s so much to choose from is Shirts For Squirts I need EVERYTHING and I will no doubt end up with all of it! His Cute AF tee caused a bit of a stir because people couldn’t believe somewhere would sell something so crude, but I think it’s hilarious and it’s true, he is Cute AF!!


If that tickles your fancy you can also find the Christmas range!! Lit AF anyone?


We’re lucky enough to be on team Shirts For Squirts and I’m so glad we are! We love giggling whenever there’s a new design released and we all talk absolute shite 24/7, it’s great! The discount also helps because train boy can’t shout at me for spending too much money!!



Would you dress your little ones in tees like this or is it definitley not your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments! Thank you for reading.

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