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Preparing For a Baby With a Toddler

So as everyone knows I’m having my second baby – due early January 2018! This will mean that there is only 23 months between Isaac and bub 🙈

As you can imagine my stress levels are through the roof trying to prepare for another baby along with preparing for the fat man in December! Thankfully isaacs presents are bought and wrapped and now I only have to buy and wrap a few stocking fillers for other people and I’m done!

When I had Isaac I bought so many pointless gadgets that I never used, so this time I’ve learned my lesson. I’m being wise and have only bought essentials.

Getting around

I have decided to get a double pram because – although Isaac can walk – with the little age gap and Isaac’s little legs a, double will benefit us! After some research I found that I liked the Oyster Max the best as its the same size as a normal pram so easier to store!


I’ve bought a crib for next to the bed as they tend to last longer than moses baskets which my little chub grew out of very fast when he was born!

A must have for me is the Ewan the Dream Sheep! I didnt get Isaac one until just before his first birthday and it saved my life! So this time I wanted one from the start!


I bottle fed isaac but this baby I’m hoping to breast feed so I haven’t bought any bottles or sterilisers but with Isaac I found the MAM anti Colic bottles were amazing! They are so easy to use and clean and also self sterilise in the microwave so no need for a steriliser taking up kitchen worktop space!


When I found out I was having Isaac I went and spent a fortune on 0-3 outfits which he barely wore. I found that for the first 10 weeks of his life he spent it living in baby grows, so this time bub mainly has baby grows ready for her!


When Isaac was 6 weeks old he developed colic which lasted about 6/7 weeks. I found that a swing was amazing to settle him as instead of a bouncer so this time I’ve jut went straight to a swing!


I suppose the good thing about having a small age gap is that i’ve only just went through everything so its all still fresh in my mind. A bad thing is that I’ll be going through double the nappies! 🤢💩 I must admit though, I can’t wait to see Isaac and his little sister grow up together and hopefully get along like best friends. It’s very hard to try and prepare not only myself but Isaac for a arrival, I’ve tried taking him near babies to get use to it and he also has a dolly he pretends to feed which is adorable, being only 21 months hes still very young to understand that when he points to my bump and says baba that they actually is a baby in there that will soon be joining out family! I have tried to involve him in everything by showing him clothes and things that are bought for baby. I tell him “This is for your sister”.

I’m now 33 weeks and have everything ready for little ones arrival. It has been very stressful and i have often questioned how I’m going to cope with a toddler and a new born but it will all fall into place I’m sure.🤞🏻

Jess x

1 thought on “Preparing For a Baby With a Toddler”

  1. My youngest is seventeen months and will be a big sister shortly! I’m definitely nervous, too. Sleep, feeding, routine… I’ve no idea how it’s going to work, lol, but I’m sure it will. 🙂
    Well done on Christmas shopping, wow! I haven’t even started!!


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