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Adjusting to life with a toddler and a new born!

So Isaac was the first of the cubs to become a big brother! His little sister Beau arrived safely on 22nd december.


In the run up to having Beau I was worried Isaac (who is a mammy’s boy) would struggle with having to share me, but he has made me so proud. He patiently waits if I’m feeding or changing Beau before he asks for something.

As I had Beau the 22nd december, the run up to christmas and all of his toys were far more important than his baby sister! Now the Christmas rush has gone he absolutely loves her!


The 22 month age gap can be challenging at times but its amazing seeing how much he loves and adores Beau! He is so interested it’s lovely!

The thing I struggle with the most is bedtime. Isaac dosent have the greatest of routines, actually he has barely any routine so bedtime is a struggle. I love to put him to bed and have my one on one time but if I’m doing bedtime and Beau wants feeding I have to swap shifts with dad because when I tried feeding next to him he was too excited that Beau was in the room.


Another struggle is leaving the house on time (as expected with 2 under 2 year olds!) It’s basically impossible. As one is ready to go the other will shit or want a drink/food its a nightmare! It is doable with plenty of preparation- bag done night before, clothes out ready, shoes at the door ready, snacks ready, literally the key is to do EVERYTHING the night before so all you need to do is clothe and feed the children before going out!

A happy adjustment we have is bath time, Isaac just loves to show Beau all of his bath toys and he loves helping wash her with me.

Isaac isn’t the greatest of sleepers and since newborns feed regularly I’m like a zombie 99% of the time but ivI’ve e found the key is to be busy, the busier I am the easier it is to get through the day tired!

The hardest thing for me is the washing! endless and endless amounts of washing 😩

I really did think that I would struggle, Isaac would end up a demon and resenting me for bringing a new baby home, that he would be totally different towards me and the baby but he has been so amazing! He still loves his cuddles with mammy and daddy and will happily wait until Beau is settled to get them! He is also very understanding that he can cuddle Beau when supervised and he dosent try to pick her up, praise the lord!


I’m always getting told “Wow! You have two under 2! You’re brave..” No, I’m not brave, I’m just a mother. No matter what I have to cope. I have help if I need it but it was my choice to have two under 2 and to be honest I’ve found it easy! Beau gets fed burped changed and when shes asleep put down, Isaac then gets my attention which works pretty well for us!

To sum up, anyone who is pregnant or worried about having a toddler and a baby then try not to stress, it is doable and it’s no where near as bad as you expect. You got this!


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