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Bendelow’s Kitchen @ The Artizan

On Monday the cub mamas were given exclusive access to a special VIP taster night for Bendelow’s Kitchen.

It was hosted in the swanky Gin & Cocktail bar The Artizan on Roman road. Luckily for us babes in arms were welcome so Margot, Beau & Nico joined us too. Unfortunately Catherine was working so she couldn’t make it.

In July 2015 Dominique created her Facebook page for Bendelow’s Kitchen. Providing services like deluxe party buffets, occasion cakes & cupcakes and confectionaries.

We’ve all been lucky enough to come across Dominque’s treats over the last two years. She created Jess’ baby shower cake, Zach’s first birthday cake and also made a humongous birthday cake for Tom’s second birthday.


One of our favourite things about Bendelow’s Kitchen is her ability to adapt and create amazing cakes specifically for those with dietary requirements. Whether that’s for someone with a vegan diet like Micheala or someone with an allergy.

This was especially pleasing for me as I’ve recently cut out dairy from my diet and I knew there would still be some nice treats available for me!

The Artizan was an amazingly chic but small venue. It normally operates a table service requiring booking in advance. So if you do want to head there for a tasty cocktail make sure you book up to avoid disappointment. They can be particularly busy on a weekend!

Luckily for us Dominique had already booked out the venue for the evening. She had A LOT of interest in the event so it operated on a time slot basis. We headed there from 6 til 7, perfect timing for us with the mini cubs.

The Artizan had created a bespoke cocktail menu especially for the occasion. Following a dessert theme it included aptly named cocktails such as Rhubarb Crumble, Girl Scout Cookies, and Stroopwaffle Old Fashioned. We all decided on the Rhubarb Crumble (except Micheala who isn’t a fan of cocktails. Madness?! She went for a glass of rose). I have no idea what was in the cocktail as I forgot to ask, but it was absolutely delicious!

Dominique had set up a huge array of desserts to test including mini cheesecakes in various flavours (Cara particularly liked the caramel cheesecake!), biscuits, meringues and truffles.

With no dietary requirements, Jess and Cara were lucky enough to be able to sample all of the treats on offer.

Myself and Micheala tucked into the Vegan cupcakes: Chocolate Oreo and Patry Ring with strawberry milkshake icing. NOM!


Thankfully the babies were happy and content for our time there. Nico and Margot slept in their slings the whole time. And her usual happy self, Beau just chilled and enjoyed the cuddles from everyone.
With the great feedback flooding in from the event we are almost certain Dominique’s order books will be filling up fast! Jess has already quizzed her on booking a few tasty cheesecakes for Beau’s christening in the summer.

Click here to check out her Facebookp and Instagram pages.

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