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Little Tikes Wonder Lab Review

It’s that time of year when all parents and children are drawing up their must haves for this years Christmas lists. I’d already seen the adverts for the new Little Tikes STEM Jr range and thought that it would be something Thomas would love. So when I was asked to try out the new Wonder Lab I couldn’t wait to get it all set up and start playing with him, this one is going to be fun for the adults too!

The aim and the tagline for the new range is “ignite curiosity through hands on play” and the range includes different toys and activities that introduce STEM (science,technology, engineering and maths) in ways that are both fun and engaging for little people age 3+.
As well as being educational the new range is exciting and so much fun! Who doesn’t love a good messy science experiment? or seeing their kids faces light up as they learn something new!

The Wonder Lab was easy to assemble, although it did take me a while to find the tiny pack of screws in with the beakers and accessories, top tip is to open and lay it all out first, but it took me about 20 minutes to set it all up while my dad took Tom out for a walk. As well as being packed full of features and activities the wonder Lab is bright and attractive to kids and all the parts are well designed for little hands, Tom loved putting on his little safety glasses before starting his experiments!

The Wonder Lab comes with 20 different activities that focus on the different STEM subjects, these activities are also perfect for a wide range of ages, with Tom only being 3 he was more interested in the science-ey experiments but he enjoyed some of the engineering activities using the ball maze with help from me, this is definitely a toy that’s going to grow with your child and older children will enjoy the more complex experiments.

Tom’s favourite experiment was probably making the wizards brew with baking soda and vinegar, he loved how it erupted like a volcano! Most of the hardware needed for the experiments is included like the beakers, stirrers and pipette but the ingredients you’ll need to provide yourself, they are mostly things you’ll already have around the house like baking soda, vinegar, hair conditioner that sort of thing. Making the snow was a lot of fun too, but also a lot of mess when Tom decided to throw it all around the house like real snow. 😂

As well as the main tray and lab accessories The Wonder Lab also features a built in circuit center where you can use household items to complete the circuit and control the light on the front of the lab, and the ball maze where different combinations can be built up to change the journey of the ball on it’s way down.

This will make a great Christmas present for all aspiring scientists, engineers or mathematicians! While the Wonder Lab (RRP £99.99) is the biggest and most exiting purchase front the range there are also a few smaller toys in the STEM Jr range such as the Tornado Tower (RRP £29.99) where little ones can make their own lava lamp and the Builder Bot (RRP £24.99) where your little engineer can build their own robot.
Visit for more information on the range, where to buy and on STEM play and it’s benefits.
If you do decide to buy this for your little ones I’d love to know what you think of it and what their favourite experiments are.

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