Meet the Mamas and Cubs



Insta obsessed, click happy mama to a crazy little thing called Tom!
Spends her time tantrum fighting and documenting their daily adventures. Never misses an opportunity to get the camera out!
Proud to represent some amazing brands, always up for a collab.
Loves cake and napping with Tom, hates slugs and getting up early!
When she’s not busy mamming you’ll find her with her nose in a book  or a drink in her hand.



Serial shopper, and highly opinionated Insta mama to a cute little potato called Zach.
Spends her time cleaning food off the floor and putting together that perfect outfit for Zach.
Proud to represent some amazing small shops and always on the look out for new little Insta shops to stalk!
Loves penguins and days off with her boys , hates healthy eating and going to work!
When she’s not busy mamming you’ll find her dancing to Shakira or ranting about Train Boy.



Clean freak and health and safety obsessed mama to sweet little bear called Isaac, the youngest of the boys but the first to walk!
Spends her time out and about making memories with Isaac and bleaching his toys.
Jess trained as a dental nurse so the rest of us all run to her with our teething questions.
Loves parmos and well fitting shoes, hates leaving Isaac and idiots!
When she’s not busy mamming you’ll find her planning her next holiday or talking about mamming.



Tattoed, vegan mama to a cheeky little whirlwind called Jonah, spends her time looking for dairy free treats and fighting exhaustion because Jonah refuses to sleep.
Micheala is an amazing cook and she could make a scabby horse look appetizing! Not that she would, because she’s vegan remember?
Loves chinese and looking after her nephews, nothing better than a house full of crazy boys eh?
Hates moths and fat vaginas (don’t ask!)
When she’s not busy mamming you’ll find her ordering her next takeaway and whinging that she wants to loose weight!



Straight talking, babywearing mama to an adorable little spud called Elijah who has the craziest hair.

Spends her time taking 23 busses a day to travel to obscure baby groups and keep Eli happy.
Lauren is our babywearing guru and will probably still be wearing Elijah untill he’s old enough to move out.
Loves singing Disney songs and irritating the life out of her baby daddy Craig.
Hates bodily fluids and people whose opinions are wrong
When she’s not busy mamming you’ll find her watching trashy American tv programs about decorating cakes.